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Basic Ener Saver System

Ener Saver System is an electronic energy saving device designed to interface with the main electrical line to control energy use in hotel guest rooms. When guests enter the room and insert key card into the key box, power is directed to the room lights and electrical power outlets and the air-conditioning system is activated. The system enables guests to turn on or off any light in the room as well as resets the air-conditioning unit to the guest's prior setting. When the key card is removed from the box, all lights and air-conditioning units will be switched off, with a 30 seconds or as desired.

Our system has been designed to operate with a 12v power cord to ensure maximum safety for all hotel guests while at the same time increase the durability of all electronic devices and air-conditioning units in the guest rooms.

Optional functions:

  • Up to 20 power spots
  • Maid card (reduces energy consumption during room cleaning)
  • Master switch
  • Automatic air-conditioning unit cut-off when the balcony doors are open
  • Annunciator function
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