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Hotel Guest Room Solution

Ener Saver System is an electronic energy saving device designed to interface with the main electrical line to control energy use in hotel guest rooms. More innovative and sophisticated functions have been introduced in our Hotel Guest Room Solution. Each system can be customized to reach maximum energy savings while providing the utmost comfort to guests. All lightings can be programmed to be individually activated and all air-conditioning units can be reset to their preset temperatures. In addition, the Master Switch function is included in the system to provide added convenience for the guest.

Optional functions:

  • Air-conditioning system controller: automatically reduces the fan speed to Low at 27°C in order to reduce the air-conditioning unit work load when guests return and set to low temperature.
  • Automatic emergency light (In case of power shortage)
  • Digital dimmer
  • Digital curtain control
  • Automatic night light
  • Automatic air-conditioning unit cut-off when the balcony doors are open
  • Bedside Panel
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