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Smart Digital Micro-Controller Thermostat

Generally, thermostat sensors in the market are inexpensive or made of bi-metal, which results in inconsistent temperature control. Through our research and development, we have employed micro-controller chips that utilize one-wire digital thermostat sensors to come up with Smart Digital Micor-Controller Thermostat. This ultra-sensitive thermostat sensor maintains an accuracy level with in .5°C, resulting in a comfortable and consistent room temperature at all times.

Additional features provided by the Smart Digital Micro-Controller Thermostat are:

  • Fan speed can be set at 4 different levels: Low, Medium, High and Auto. At Auto speed, if room temperature is more than 3°C higher than the set temperature, fan will run on High and change to Medium when temperature reaches 1-3°C near the set temperature and change to Low when it reaches .5°C from the set temperature
  • Limit the air conditioning unit to run at 20°C, regardless of how low the guest sets the room temperature
  • Temperature set back feature allows the air conditioning unit to set the temperature to 27°C with low fan speed (or as desired) and return to the prior temperature and fan speed set by the guest when the guest return to the room
  • Sleep Mode, when this button is pressed after 10:00 pm, room temperature will rise .5°C every hour to maximum of 2°C and not higher than 24°C and will return to set temperature after 6:00 am. When set temperature is higher than 24°C, Sleep Mode will not operate
  • Temperature display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
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